Jalama Beach may be famous for surfing and hamburgers, but those are not the only stories Jalama can tell. A peek inside John McReynold's latest book reveals a rich and varied story.
This charming book offers 18 chapters about the Lompoc Valley with maps and spectacular color photographs. Buy one for friends who’ve moved away or for a newcomer to Lompoc.
This is the story of tiny Lompoc, California where a vibrant and varied Nikkei community with forty-year roots was dispossessed in 1942 and denied return. The author pieced the story together from interviews with more than eighty survivors, a war relocation agent on the scene, and from contemporary local newspaper accounts. 
M J Sewall is a Lompoc business owner, writer, performer, historian and lover of all things awesome. His books were recently picked up by a publisher and all are available at The Bookstore.
Melissa Iwai graduated from Cabrillo High School. She has illustrated 17 books and written and illustrated three of her own. Melissa lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and son. Soup Day, Pizza Day and Dumplings for Lily are her three books - available in large hardback or small board book.
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Local Authors
Connie Amarel
John McReynolds
Melissa Broughton
Melissa lives on the Central Coast, enjoying her lavender, teaching and writing. She adores lop bunnies and wrote a true story about Amos the bunny who ate lavender to fall asleep.

She also wrote a raw and candid biography of her alcoholic father. The poignant story also tells about the beautiful country lifestyle she led while living on a small-town ranch. 
Connie was reared in Ohio and lives in California with her husband, two children, a dog, a cat and a tarantula named Jackie. She has worked as an editor, proofreader and volunteer at the local library. Gifted in poetry, she believes rhyme is a valuable educational tool for children.  
Ron Fink's memoir is the story of the daily life of a military firefighter. The mundane daily routine of training and housekeeping is punctuated with tragedy and unusual accounts of fire and rescue incidents.
Book One in the Pine Valley Series

A story of friendship, unrequited love, and family in a rural, mountain community. Secrecy, death, and the impact of war and infidelity are faced with trepidation and courage. It is a test that some will not survive.

Join author, Corrine Ardoin, on her walk through the history, the love and the controversy surrounding this unique ecosystem which includes a Roadside Geology Tour with Ralph Bishop.
Inspired by the true story of a major U.S. Navy disaster off the coast of California nearly a century ago--in which seven ships and nearly two dozen sailors were lost in a single night--Dead Reckoning imagines a mix of real and fictional officers, civilians, and low-ranking enlisted sailors from their adventures on liberty in Prohibition-era San Francisco up through the tragedy and its aftermath. 
Never go into the woods alone at night. You’ll never come out the same, if you come out at all. After hearing that her longtime boyfriend wants to date other women, Spirit leaves the safety of her cabin and walks out into the night. From there, her life takes a strange turn. She meets the Wolfman. He steps out of the shadows and forever alters the course of her life.
Scarlet Stevens is divorced, forty, broke and back living with her parents. She goes to work and takes care of her children, but something inside her is broken. Her life changes when her town hosts it's first Salsa Night. There she meets a handsome stranger, Esteban Vazquez, who introduces her to his world of dancing.

Book Two in the Pine Valley series takes place in the years leading up to events described in Book One, Fathers of Edenville.

Jim Hart’s life is rapidly spiraling out of control. His patterns of drinking and self-destructive behavior build toward their tragic end. His mother, Candelaria Hart, is torn between fighting for her son or giving up on him. 
Jenna Elizabeth Johnson is a best-selling, multi-award winning author of Fantasy and Young Adult Paranormal Romance. Jenna grew up and still resides on the Central Coast of California, a place she finds as magical and enchanting as the worlds she creates.
Part memoir, part conflict resolution strategy guide, Michael  writes with humor and a conscience as he covers ethics, office drama, and more from his work in customer service.