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Seasons of Jalama: The Lure of a Burger, Surf and Gusts of 60 MPH by John McReynolds

Jalama Beach may be famous for surfing and hamburgers, but those are not the only stories Jalama can tell. A peek inside John McReynold's latest book reveals a rich and varied story.
Layers by Kam Jacoby
Photographer Kam Jacoby combines a series of historic and modern day pictures of Lompoc in compositions that blend the boundaries of time.
Lompoc - Padres to Pinot
by John McReynolds
This charming book offers 18 chapters about the Lompoc Valley with maps and spectacular color photographs. Buy one for friends who’ve moved away or for newcomers to Lompoc.
Vanished - Lompoc's Japanese
by John McReynolds
This is the story of tiny Lompoc, California where a vibrant and varied Nikkei community with forty-year roots was dispossessed in 1942 and denied return. The author pieced the story together from interviews with more than eighty survivors, uncommonly candid reports by a war relocation agent on the scene, and from contemporary local newspaper accounts. 
Hermanos by Roderic Schmidt

Roderic Schmidt is a teacher at Alan Hancock College and taught for many years in the Lompoc schools. Hermanos is a story of cultures in conflict set in a small town in California. It describes the clash of values when two brothers, Alfredo and Mario Alhambra, show up to surf at what a high school classmate considers his surfing grounds.
Visit this author's website by clicking on his name.
Visit this author's website by clicking on his name.
Lompoc History
Agnes of Harris Grade
by Roderic Schmidt

This is the narrative of Agnes who lives on in our souls as the ghost of Harris Grade. Her narrative begins with her unhappy childhood, continues on to describe her wondrously happy life with her childhood sweetheart and concludes with her untimely death near the top of Harris Grade, alone, but still clutching to her infant son. 
The Good Side of Crazy
By Anna Chastain

When her dad and stepmother are killed in a car accident, Shae is called up as guardian of her 15-year-old sister, Sadie. Shae struggles to balance being a "psuedo-mama" to a teenager, back to living in a small town, in her estranged father's home, with dating and career and her sanity. So the question is, can these women navigate the many facets of love in their lives, and resolve to settle their futures without killing/maiming/deleting or becoming each other's worst enemies in the process?
The Eyes of Eshnunna:
An Adventure in Mesopotamia
by E. Monks Hack

Compass Rose, junior curator of a major metropolitan west coast art museum, returns home from a recent adventure to find the museum board of trustees camped out in her living room. Rose travels to post-invasion Iraq to investigate a mysterious cache of stolen Sumerian votive figures. The voyage ends at Eshnunna, an ancient tell in the Diyala region, where she discovers a female cult shrine of a power beyond modern understanding.
What? Hike 2,650 Miles?
by Mary Graham

How to relax and learn all about the Pacific Coast Trail so you can support a loved one after they announce they are hiking the PCT. 
When Darkness Reigns 
by Roderic Schmidt

Joseph Sparrow, and his Indian blood brother, Running Deer, grow to manhood during the troubled times of the Sierra Nevada. First as sheriffs in the gold mining communities of Bodie and Aurora and then as arbitrators in the disputes between Piute and white man. There is, however, a faction of both Piute and white settlers who remain angrily hostile to any attempts on the part of either Joseph Sparrow or Running Deer to broker peace. 
The Eyes of Eshnunna:
An Adventure in Mesopotamia
by E. Monks Hack
In a mudhif hidden in the marshes of southern Iraq, Compass Rose meets her nemesis Dark Side, who has acquired the artifacts necessary to unlock the secrets of the great temple hymn. Rose undergoes a transformation through the mists of time, finds Eden, and is again on the trail to Eshnunna – but unconscious, on the back of a donkey! In the end, Compass Rose and her loyal pug Cappuccino discover one of the oldest stories ever told. 
La Purisima Mission 
by Robert DeLaurentis

Local Photographer Robert DeLaurentis takes us on a photographic journey through La Purisima Mission. The purchase of this book benefits the mission.

Visit this author's website by clicking on her name.
My Kind of Crazy
By Anna Chastain

Cash Brady was Sadie Martin's first love.  It doesn't take long for things to get confusing between the two of them amidst parental illness, a hormonal, pregnant sister and her wild family, best friend interference, ex drama, and a car that just won't start (not to mention Sadie's dysfunctional to-do lists). But Sadie is nothing, if not determined, to get her life on track...even if everything has to get a little messy first. 
Cowboy Dad
Melissa Broughton

In "Cowboy Dad: Love, Alcoholism, and a Dying Way of Life," author Melissa Broughton offers a raw and candid look at life with her alcoholic father, as well as the beautiful country lifestyle she led while living on a small-town ranch. Poignant but also full of humor and wit, these true stories take a heart wrenchingly honest look at alcoholism, grief, death, and faith while detailing a tight-knit family's attempt to cope with a horrible disease...and its profound consequences. 
Bomb and Mine Disposal 
John W. Reese

Local Santa Ynez resident, John W. Reese Jr., tells his story as a young officer with the Navy working on bomb and mine disposal. He finds his newly deployed ordnance disposal team confronted with extraordinarily hazardous situations while operating in the Marshall Islands.
Human Origins and the Bible
Myron Heavin

Myron takes a scientific approach to the study of human origins in Genesis 2-5 evaluating the conflicting scientific models and making his own conclusions.
Roderic Schmidt 

This is a story of war and the tragic aftermath of soldier Jody Alvarez as he struggles to deal with PTSD or what he and his therapist call his badly miswired brain.

Battlefields is also the story of Jody coming to terms with death, which he must witness firsthand including the traumatic death of Hobie, the only friend he has ever had.
Danny Peanuts 
Gail Boyland

In a delightfully written and beautifully illustrated book about a child's quest to become "big" like the other children, Gail Boyland captures the essence of a child's struggles with being small in a world full of judgment, and transforms insecurity into self esteem with her reassuring dialogue.

For 50 years, the original handwritten and illustrated story of Danny Peanuts was packed away for safekeeping. As a tribute to the author, Skip Boyland turned his mother's words and images into a book for everyone to enjoy.
Gary Grasshoper and the Busy Buzzing Bees
Connie Amarel

When Gary Grasshopper kicks the ball beyond the park and into the forest, he and his friends set off to find it. In the forest he meets a new friend, Devlin Drone, who shares with Gary the most amazing and fascinating facts about Honey Bees. Join Gary and his friends on this fact-filled adventure about friendship and Honey Bees.
Visit this author's website by clicking on her name.
Visit this author's website by clicking on her name.
History All Around Us
Justin Ruhge


This is the product of 30 years of research on English and California history starting with the landing of Sir Francis Drake on the California coast in 1579. The book has over 300 pages with extensive maps, photos and historical data.
The Venerate Order Part 1 & Part 2
Troy Dukart

$12.95 Each
​What would you give to find yourself? It was just another normal day in New Santa Barbara for Strafe Rocknus, that was until he awoke in a mysterious cavern and found an ancient artifact.  A recent college graduate, Strafe had the rest of his life ahead of him until a strange visitor came to investigate the artifact. When a gateway to a new world is opened, Strafe has no choice but to follow the visitor into the unknown to find not only his captured friends, but himself as well. On his journey, Strafe begins to learn how this new world and Earth are connected and that his long lost family members may actually still be alive. He will team up with people from around this new world to stop an ancient prophecy from destroying both realities. They all have their own battles and must learn to trust each other to take down an enemy that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Strafe soon learns the hardest part in life is not overcoming the challenges in his way, but finding something to believe in.

Forever Warriors 
M J Sewall

Five teens in a sleepy California town are experiencing very peculiar things.

A stranger appears to help them unlock their abilities, but he's not alone. Brothers from the other side want to recruit them, and they offer themr a choice: Join us, or die. 
Plague of Tyrants 
Chosen King 3
M J Sewall

Two boys now rule the Kingdom of the Thirteen, and enemies are building on all sides. Faced with a threat unlike anything the world has ever seen, the two kings have discovered their prized airships can’t protect them against all dangers. One king must leave to find the source of the new threat, while leaving the other to face enemies on two fronts.
Visit this author's website by clicking on his name.
Locked In
Anna Chastain


Grace and Ben have been together since they were teenagers. They've spent their entire adult life together, happy in the small southern California beach town they call home; until one day Ben comes home and tells Grace he's leaving. Now Grace is left wondering what happened to her life, to her home, and when exactly did things start to go so wrong. 

Pizza Day
Melissa Iwai

On a sunny, summer day, a young boy and his father assemble the ingredients for a homemade pizza. From gathering fresh garden herbs to rolling out the dough for a crust to spreading on sauce and cheese, this picture book leads young chefs step-by-step through the process of making a favorite meal. A pizza recipe completes this appealing preschool offering
Soup Day
Melissa Iwai

$7.99 Board Book
Local Melissa Iwai has illustrated 17 books including 2 which she also wrote. 

​On a cold, snowy day, a young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup. At home, they work together to prepare the meal. Before long, Daddy's home and the family sits down to enjoy a home made dinner. 
Visit this author's website by clicking on her name.